• Order in which you layer the pieces.
  • Apply silicon-kit in even dots on the back of the pieces with the use of a cocktail-stick.
  • Take care there is 1mm. between the layers; the piece you handle may not touch the underlying picture.
  • go along the edges with a 4B-pencil; shape the pieces when necessary.
  • – – – – – – – – – = mountain-fold -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. = valley-fold
  • work neatly and tidily.
  • silicon-kit must not show
  • when you shape the pieces nicely, the varnish will show more beautifully.
  • do not varnish the background (for instance the sky); just lay it on ; do not brush out.10. use your brains and your eyes : LOOK and THINK: the result will be awesome !

Also available in German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese