The shop features a variety of cross – stitch kits and
frames for all your crafting needs.
‘ Chez Inez’ came into being quite naturally as all the
shops that sold needlework in Amstelveen started to
disappear one by one and it was up to me to take over or not; and so I did.
As the demands for cross – stitch kits grew, my
collection grew too together with the knowledge about what my clients liked.
Also I make designs of my own and brush up or adapt old patterns.
It seems that the Amsterdam – pictures are quite
popular; especially the ones in Delft – Blue.
When framing your  work I use fibrefill to make it look more beautiful.
When you start making your cross stitch:
1. Make sure the fabric does not fray; finish the edges.
2. Right-handed?  Work from right to left.
3. The reverse side :  NO knots;  NO loose ends;
4. Tuck them away neatly; keep the ends of the threads down with your finger.
5. Make counting easier by marking every tenth stitch