• Which picture do you recommend?
    Begin with a small one: viz. a 1AP picture. If you have a feeling you enjoy decoupage, and the result is satisfactory, you can try a larger one.
  • Do you need a special tool to shape the pieces ?
    Special tools for shaping exist. I use a round pen with a smooth surface so shape the pieces. I do not like the dents the special tools make in the cutout pieces. Remember : shaping is important but do not overdo it.
  • It is impossible to clean the brush I varnish with. What to do ?
    Wipe most of the varnish off with a tissue. Then clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap. Leave some detergent. Next time you use it clean it thoroughly again.
  • Do I need 9 or more pictures to have a satisfactory result ?
    For the larger pictures 6 pieces are enough. When you use my manuals you will notice that I cut out every available bit that is necessary.
  • How do I apply kit on large areas ?
    Apply kit in ‘dots’ in a zig-zag way about 2 cm. apart. NOT : one dot on each corner of a 20 x30cm. area.
  • How close is the gap between each layer ?
    That depends on your judgement. Look and think ! A gap should be left between each layer of 2mm.up to 4mm. or more when necessary. Make sure each piece is precisely superimposed over the lower print.
  • When I press upon the pieces the kit shows. What to do ?
    Use the correct amount of kit; not too near the edge. Use the silicon straight from the tube on the large areas. Use a cocktail-stick for smaller pieces; squeeze some kit onto a small piece of carton, from there take a small ;‘dot’ to put on whichever small piece that need fixing.
  • Silicone kit hardens so quickly. What to do ?
    Having completed your work clean the tube well with a tissue , clean the top too. Keep the silicone kit preferably in the fridge.